About Wellspring Benefits Group

Wellspring is a national healthcare marketing company that delivers proven solutions for:

  • reducing out-of-pocket medical expenses for individuals, families and seniors and;
  • lowering health insurance utilization for affinity organizations, self-funded entities and third party administrators.

Wellspring contracts with national healthcare networks to provide its members with medical services at significantly reduced prices to lower their out-of-pocket healthcare costs.

Our contracted provider networks include: On-demand telemedicine via board certified physicians 24/7/365, chronic disease intervention, medication therapy management, dental, vision, prescription drugs, laboratory services, radiological imaging services, chiropractic, alternative medicine, wellness programs and much more.

Wellspring has enhanced its offering with a first-to-market consumer-driven healthcare service, supported by proven clinical trials and case studies that drastically improves the quality of life and clinical outcomes of chronically-ill individuals and those taking 4 or more monthly prescription medications.

Our first-to-market service, chronic disease intervention and medication therapy management, is integrated into all of our benefit packages creating a unique product in the consumer healthcare market.

Wellspring offers a benefit package to the senior market featuring our first-to-market service, solving a critical need in a growing chronically-ill and aging population.

Empowering Americans to save thousands of dollars on out-of-pocket healthcare costs.

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